Advanced Security Robotics Systems

SMP Robotics Unveils Intelligent Robotic System Redefining Protection Standards

In the realm of advanced security solutions, SMP Robotics intelligent robotics system stands as a pinnacle of innovation, offering an array of cutting-edge features that collectively provide an unmatched level of protection. With a strong emphasis on seamless collaboration and high-tech capabilities, our robots redefine the landscape of security management.

Revolutionizing Surveillance and Patrolling with Advanced AI Technology

Designed to operate in the most challenging environments, our system leverages artificial intelligence and state-of-the-art technologies to revolutionize surveillance and patrolling. Imagine a system that offers fully autonomous patrolling capabilities, day and night, without rest. This unparalleled commitment to vigilant protection is further amplified by the power of swarm intelligence. Our robots function as a cohesive unit, communicating seamlessly to exchange data and intruder information, ensuring reliable group patrolling over expansive areas.

Enhanced Surveillance: AI-Powered Cameras and MESH Network for Comprehensive Security

A panoramic video surveillance system, complete with a PTZ camera, guarantees comprehensive coverage, while our support of the Wi-Fi MESH network enhances connectivity across the deployment area. The integration of artificial intelligence within our cameras introduces sophisticated human face, mask, and temperature recognition capabilities, bolstering intelligent security practices. This extends to recognizing staff members through facial and uniform recognition, promoting a proactive approach to access control.

Seamless Security Integration: Advanced Patrolling and Obstacle Avoidance with AI

Obstacle avoidance and anti-collision systems, along with the ability to overcome obstacles up to 7 inches high, ensure uninterrupted patrolling even in complex terrains. The cloud data integration feature seamlessly harmonizes our system with your existing infrastructure, while compatibility with multiple VMS platforms establishes a cohesive security network. Our dedication to standards is evident in the 100% support of ONVIF standards, affirming the interoperability of our solution.

Robust Robotics: Unyielding Performance in Harsh Environments and Low-Light Conditions

From extreme weather conditions to harsh terrains, our robots remain steadfast, operating under temperatures ranging from -31°F to 131°F, while maintaining high obstacle detection capabilities. Illuminating dark areas is effortlessly achieved through our infrared lighting, while an impressive 12 hours of autonomous patrolling per battery charge ensures consistent coverage.

With features spanning automatic recharging, IP65 waterproof and dust resistance, easy deployment, 24/7 virtual monitoring, and a comprehensive warranty, our intelligent robotics system exemplifies the future of security technology.

Empower your security infrastructure with our solution that thrives on intelligence, resilience, and efficiency, shaping a safer tomorrow.

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